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At Home Full-Body HIIT Workout - Social Distancing Approved

It's been a few dark, dark days for me as the gym has been closed. I don't know how long this will last, but if you've met me or follow me, you know that I am the definition of a gym rat. I am normally there for about 90 mins 5 or 6 times a week, so taking this out of my daily routine is ROUGH. I also do not own ANY workout equipment besides a set of 3 resistance bands for your legs, because I pay $80 a month for the gym, so why wouldn't I use it ALL. THE. TIME?!

However, if you know me, you also know I am addicted to working out and keeping up with my results after having my baby (who is 11 months old now!). So, time to improvise.

Today I did a High Intensity Interval Training workout that took about 45 mins, burned 450 calories, and upped my resting heart rate for the rest of the day! HIIT literally melts fat off of your body and is so important to add to your training regimen. This workout requires NO equipment except for stairs or a step up of some sort.

I did this in my basement and I do NOT look cute, so if you were expecting some cute room in my house… sorry. I needed to fully be away from my child and husband for an hour and this was the only place I could escape.

Want to do it yourself?? See below for the exercises/reps/times!

1. Jog in place for 1 min, 30 sec. This is just getting your heart rate up and ready to die during this workout.

2. Three lunges on each leg and two jump squats. Repeat 6 times.

3. This one needs a video - Spider crawl forward, jump your legs forward, jump up, run back, two squat jumps. Sounds confusing and can be, so it might take you a while to get the hang of it. Really concentrate on using your ab muscles to spider crawl and jump your legs forward. Do this for 60 seconds without stopping.

4. Step Up Burnout - use a stepping stool, steps (I did floor to second step of my basement) or whatever you have in your house! Make sure it's sturdy though. Start with 15 step ups on each leg (keep the knee pushed out toward the wall as much as you can, don't let it go in). Then do side step ups, 12 on each leg, same thing with the knees. This isolates each leg and it should BURN. If it doesn't, you're not doing it right or it's not high enough!

5. Lastly, push ups. I do modified on my knees because I just can’t do regular ones. I’m working on it, okay!? Do as many as you can. I got to 15 during my first round and ended with 8 after my third round.

Go back to the beginning, and REPEAT ALL THREE TIMES THROUGH!!!

If you do this workout, let me know how it went! How fast were you able to get it done? It doesn’t matter how fast you are, what matters is your technique and that you DO it!

Happy quarantining - we will get through this & still be healthy and fit when we come out of it!

(As always, I followed my workout with an Arbonne protein shake complete w/ digestion plus & greens balance to set me up for the day!)

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