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How Using a Food Scale to Measure Can Help You Lose that Last 10 Pounds

Food scales. You've probably never used one. I have lost tons of weight and hit a lot of goals without one. However, last year around December I hit a plateau and couldn't lose the last 5/10 pounds I wanted to lose after having my son. I also wanted to tone up, and I wasn't seeing it no matter how hard I tracked macros or worked out.

I don't remember if I Googled it or if someone recommended it or what, but I bought a food scale and started weighing everything I could... and it changed the way I counted macros. I realized how OFF I was on my calculations! So, here's a few examples of why even if you're using measuring cups (and the "palm" trick I was taught for a serving of meat), you may be way off on your macros.

Pistachios: I eat pistachios a lot as a snack. The serving size says 1/4 cup (30g). But when I measure with a measuring cup, I'm about 1/3 of the way over, which makes a HUGE difference in pistachios since they're so calorie/fat dense!

Fruits: I did it with strawberries because I use them almost daily in my protein shake or on top of protein pancakes. They are one of the lowest sugar/carb count when it comes to fruits! Other carb-conscious options are blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, peaches. Higher carb fruits are bananas, grapes, apples and pineapples.

What I "thought" 75g of strawberries was vs. what it actually was below!

Meat: I was taught the "palm trick" when I was younger and doing Weight Watchers. Apparently, one palm of meat equals about 4 ounces, which is normally one serving. Looking back I don't understand how I believed this because everyone's palms are a different size... lol.

So here's a "palm" size of meat vs. 4 ounces of meat on the food scale! The difference is only .2 oz in this case, but when you have ground meat it's MUCH worse! I just was too lazy to cook any for this post, lol. I already had chicken tenderloins prepped. The most important point with meat is that if you're using red meat or pork, the fat content can be MUCH higher without measuring, which can really mess up your macros.

So there's a few examples!

TLDR: If you are struggling, hit a plateau & want to really hunker down and lose those last few pounds, BUY A FOOD SCALE! It will make your macro-tracking ten times more accurate and really help you shed fat! (Here's the link to the one I have! Battery has lasted forever & SO cheap.) Let me know if you start using one and if it helps you.

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