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Four Ingredient No-Bake Protein Balls with Amazing Macros!

Last week, I saw my friend Brooke post about these protein balls and they looked delish. Being a lover of all things protein and sweets, I reached out for the recipe.

It's literally SO EASY. No baking. No pans. No spooning. Just the four ingredients (which are totally interchangeable), a bowl, your hands and something to store them in the fridge.

I'll let my insta-stories do the talking for this one because it's THAT EASY!

I used Chocolate Arbonne Protein (hit me up if you want to try some - the BEST plant-based protein!), Natural Peanut Butter from Aldi, Quick Oats from Aldi and organic honey from Aldi! You can totally use WHATEVER protein powder you have to switch up the flavor, whatever nut butter, oats and honey!

I ate one before figuring out the macros and OMG there was NO WAY these were going to be great on the macros. They just tasted too good. WRONG!

92 cals per ball! (My mix made 20 nice sized ones.)

6g protein

3.5g fat

10g carbs!

Let me know if you try with different flavors/nut butters and if you like these! They will be in my fridge always now!

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