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Intense Leg Burnout You Can Do Anywhere!


Sorry I've been MIA - the holidays GOT me! And I've been trying to get back on track with work and my home. I finally feel like I'm in a good place and can get back to blogging!

Today I want to share with you my FAVORITE leg burnout. I used to burn my legs out with weights and then not be able to walk for three days - but I can do this every other day and still do my regular workouts, and I love it. You can do this after a leg lifting session (my fav), after leg-concentrated cardio, or just on its own. You will feel the burn no matter what!

I use these bands. Any resistance bands will work! However, you can do this with NO band and still get a really good burnout in, you just might need more reps.

So bear with me - because I am NOT a personal trainer. But a personal trainer did show me this so I'll try to describe what I'm doing and what the best form for each is. I'm using the medium band for all but the last exercise when I went to the large.

First up - the clam shell. You're opening up your leg to the sky as FAR as you can with the resistance band on. Your forearm should be right underneath of your shoulder. You should feel it in your outer thigh and butt.

25 reps on one side, and then switch and do the other side.

Second - Elevated clam shell. Same thing, but your feet are coming up in the air. This is HARD at first. You should feel the burn in the outer & inner thigh and butt.

25 reps on each side.

Third - Leg abduction (Fire hydrant). Should go as far out/high as you can with each leg. You can see I had to stop after the first few because I had just lifted legs and this was really starting to burn! Your chin should be up, looking at what's in front of you, not down. (I'm not perfect. Sue me.)

Fourth - Kickbacks. You're kicking your leg to the ceiling, or as high as you can. The resistance band is going to make it tough.

25 reps on each side for all three of these. You want to suck in your core and keep it tight, pulled into the spine while you're doing these. See around the 32-second-mark when I do this.

Fifth - Resistance Squats. Note that the first 12 seconds I have HORRIBLE form as I'm dying and trying to keep steady. Around second 13 is when I get on track. You want your knees steady, pointing out and you want your legs pushing your weight back up steadily when you come up.

25 of these.

Sixth - Lateral Squats. Same with the form here. Pushing that knee out and being steady! You're bringing one leg out each time and really pushing it as far as you can. This is your LAST exercise, so give it your all! I went to the bigger band because I was *literally dying* and needed a little less resistance. But, if you can still keep the medium band on for this, it's ideal!

25 on each side.

And... you're done! Let me know if you do this and if your legs are BURNING when you're finished. I am not usually sore the next day, but I do a lot with my legs, so if you don't or are just starting, you might have some trouble walking when you wake up the next morning.

Also I realize I suck my teeth and make horrible faces while working out and it's not cute!!! But oh well. Thanks y'all!

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